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When it comes to interior painting and decorating, there are basically just two options for any wall: either it becomes a coordinated backdrop to other strong elements within the room, such as furniture, bringing a scheme together; or the wall becomes the main feature
in itself.

The latter option is particularly useful when you don’t have an abundance of paintings to hang on your wall, because the wall itself becomes the artwork.

Just as color can alter the sense of space, it can also alter the mood in a room. Research shows that color imparts its own unique psychological effect: relaxed, animated or somewhere in between.


We can help you create rooms that not only look good, but also feel right.
Our Services include:
ch Drywall repair, taping and installation

chCaulking & sealing of windows, doors and baseboards

ch Wallpaper removal

chStripping and refinishing of stained trim and cabinetry

chPainting with highest quality paints: Sherwin Williams, Duron, Benjamin Moore, and Porter Paints

chTrim repair, refinishing and installation

chThorough Clean-Up of the job site

ch3 Year Guarantee!

Keeping a good coat of paint, stain or preservatives on exterior wood, stucco, brick or vinyl materials - and some metals, as well - is essential home maintenance. In addition, most sources cite a good fresh coat of exterior treatments as one of the best investments you can make in getting a home ready to sell.

A good exterior paint job has to stand up to the elements while improving the beauty of your home.

We can give you beautiful, long-lasting results for multiple types of exterior surfaces, protecting and beautifying also your home's deck, porch, siding and trim as well as concrete driveway and walkways.

ch Extensive preparation of all surface

ch Power sanding and finish sanding

ch Complete carpentry service

ch Bleach treatment to kill mildew

chPressure washing to clean surfaces

ch Glazing windows and door sashes

ch Caulking seams and casings

ch Priming to seal surfaces

ch3 Year Guarantee

ch Staining with the highest quality stain: Sherwin Williams or Cabot Stain

chThorough Clean-Up of the job site

ch Gutters cleared and scrubbed

ch Painting with the highest quality paint: Sherwin Williams, Porter, Duron,

Benjamin Moore